...and digital tools, can be a costly process, but it doesn't have to be.

The DigiMatcher team

With our experience we are familiar with both sides of the table when a company is being matched with a software. Getting an overview is very difficult, as it is difficult for the software suppliers to differentiate because their competitors offer very similar functions.

Complexity is many things, but there is a system for all

It can be difficult to separate two similar softwares because they are trying to solve the same problem. But underneath the surface there can be a huge difference and the one supplier can be a much better match for your specific needs.

Why you should not rely 100 % on your bookkeeper and accountant

Auch, if you are a bookkeeper or accountant this one might hurt a little. But we all know that we have personal preferences when it comes to what system, we prefer. Even though it might be a great system for the accountant it might not be the right one for the customer.

Though the traditional systems such as Danløn, Proløn etc… have benefits for bookkeepers. This is exactly why a match can vary depending on one’s needs.

Our matches are presented neutrally where you will not get effected in a way that will persuade you to choose something that is not the correct match for you. DigiMatcher wants to accommodate your needs as best as possible.

'Well, all software solutions are the same'

If you are not familiar with the market of software, it can seem like all software has the same features and is the same. The reality is that an IT-system has a lot of layers. There are many technicalities that are not visible to the users.

What is most important, depends on your preferences: Do you want a lot of features and user-friendliness and maybe the visual is less important? Or on the other hand: User-friendliness is the most important. Furthermore, user-friendliness is different depending on your previous use of a software. If you are completely new, guidelines and a high degree of guidance will be essential to whether or not you will use and succeed with the software.

So no, there is not two identical softwares and that is exactly why we want to provide you a shortcut to your best system.

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We match business needs with the digital tools on the market and increase the chances of a successful implementation by further matching with implementation experts.

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