The team behind DigiMatcher

With +40 years of experience in the software market, we are on a clear mission to make digitalization more accessible – while guiding companies along the way.

Julie Maja
Julie Maja Nielsen
Julie Maja has spent the last 10 years matching Nordic companies with digital solutions, helping them on their digitalization journey.
Julie Maja has therefore advised companies on various system compositions, change management and implementation processes. Simplification is a keyword for Julie Maja – as she has helped lots of companies with defining existing workflows versus new procedures. With DigiMatcher, Julie Maja’s ambition is to create a global B2B matching platform, and to help businesses become more digital so they can keep up with the fast-growing technological development.
Morten Brøgger
With 20+ years of experience in the IT world, Morten has worked with many technologies.

It’s a passion for technology that drives Morten, and that passion has taken him all the way from repairing personal computers in a small, dusty back room of a local IT shop – to creating and executing global IT strategies for one of the leading brands in the world.

Morten has also developed and sold software to both domestic and international companies in his spare time.

He has a meticulous dedication to design and user experience, and a mindset of high usability.

Stefan Hansmar
Stefan has an indomitable interest in programming and a +10 year career in the 3D industry.

Before entrepreneurship took over his full focus, he had a career in the 3D industry, where the graphics were quickly overshadowed by the technical.

Scripting, optimization, and tool development were a particular focus, which went well with his interest in programming.

Along the way, he also spent time as a 3D/VFX instructor for the leading school in the field, as well as developing and selling other software solutions.

Mia Nielsen
Mia has spent the last 9 years working in daily operations and project management.

Mia creates overview, optimizes processes, and takes care of administrative tasks at DigiMatcher.

She coordinates and assists our Founder, Julie Maja, in managing projects, follow-ups, and maintaining structure.

Mia is also studying at the Danish School of Media and Journalism, pursuing a Professional Bachelor’s degree in Media Production and Management.

Simi Singh
Communication, coordination and execution are strong characteristics of Simi.

Simi has an amazing ability to understand the individual and the relationships between people and motivation in organizations. She has a curious mindset – to learn more about how strengthening conditions and performance can create better results in companies.

Simi has worked in several areas of HR, primarily focusing on recruitment, employee motivation and development, negotiation and administration.

Advisory Board Members

Advisory Board medlem Christian Bech Nørhave
Christian Bech Nørhave

Christian has advised small and large companies within areas such as digitalization and automation. He is driven by growing businesses and teams.

For the past 17 years, Christian has worked with digitalization in different industries and business areas. He has spent 4 years as co-owner of an IT-company which meanwhile grew from 8 to 35 employees. 

Today Christian works as an advisor within digitalization, IT-security and AI – as a consultant, board member and in Advisory Boards.

Advisory Board medlem Mikkel Frich
Mikkel Frich

Mikkel has worked with public and private collaborations, management and organizational development, and entrepreneurship. Mikkel has done this as part of the top management, as a founder, and as an ecosystem orchestrator. During the past few years Mikkel has changed his focus towards digital transformation and digital tech startups. 

“DigiMatcher is to me about two things: The team and the mission. The team – led be Julie Maja – is ambitious, competent and established based on relations, values, and skills. The mission – to deliver relevant software solutions to companies that often gets lost in the jungle of offerings, is a tone worth dancing for; DigiMatcher reduces complexity and gives companies the software solutions they need.”

Heidi Wassini
Heidi is renowned as a front-runner in the HR and recruitment field, having implemented and utilized numerous HR tools throughout her career. Beyond being the first Scandinavian to be appointed to the RL100, she is a strong networker with an international profile. She also shares the latest technologies and methods with others through speaking engagements, blogging, and podcasts. Heidi possesses a strategic and business-oriented approach to HR, which has contributed to her success stories in both large established companies and startups/scale-ups. “The digital world is changing faster than we can keep up. It can be difficult to figure out exactly which systems we need and when. DigiMatcher gives businesses a crucial platform to keep up with the digital and data-driven world, we live in.”

Our foundation

We are a modern and agile company that embraces diversity and flexibility – whether it is employees, developers, suppliers, or partners. We believe that a humble and empathic approach creates longevity and the best results. We therefore always strive to deliver an extraordinary service.

Why DigiMatcher?
We’re making it attractive for businesses to go digital – we call it ‘the new generation of digitalization’.
How do we do it?
By bringing together all suppliers and consultants, we ensure that companies can grow, scale and make financially sustainable decisions by using software systems.
What do we do?
Our intelligent platform matches business needs with software suppliers, implementation experts and integration options.

We match business needs with the digital tools on the market and increase the chances of a successful implementation by further matching with implementation experts.

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